Get a Quote on a Brand New Car in South Africa and let New Car Quotes search for the best Price.

New Car Quotes

Information for Motor Dealerships

How does it work?

  • New Car Quotes is a subscription based model. You will pay a monthly subscription fee in order to be a New Car Quotes dealer.
  • Once your dealership is set up and your brands and segments are loaded (e.g. passenger vehicles, light commercials vehicles) you can create discounts for each and every model pre-populated by us.
  • New Car Quotes will list each and every current new vehicle on sale in South Africa with the current recommended retail price for your dealership
  • Consumers can enquire for a specific Make and Model in a region to request a quotation
  • You can set discounts for specific Makes and Models
  • If a customer enquires we will pass on the quote request to the dealership with the highest discount in the region (province requested)
  • You are under no obligation to provide discounts for specific models, but if another dealership in your province provides a better discount than you, the quote request will go to the other dealership

Does it work well?

  • Online 365 Pty (Ltd) has vast experience in the motor industry
  • We run several new and pre-owned websites in South Africa and are on the forefront of automovive marketing
  • We concentrate on real consumers looking for good deals rather than volume of enquiries
  • Quote requests from New Car Quotes are genuine, of high quality and translate into sales if you follow up with the customer promptly, provide good service and competative pricing
  • New Car Quote custumers are internet savy and well informed. They apprechiate good turnaround time and know what they want. Responding to their needs translates into deals.

What if I do not want to discount vehicles? I prefer to sell at full margin.

  • If you do, then New Car Quotes is not for you.
  • New Car Quotes can provide you with prospective customers you didn't have before
  • At New Car Quotes you compete with other dealers online in order to provide a quote. You compete with other dealers anyway, but our business model is transparent.
  • New Car Quotes customers will purchase their vehicle where they get the best price. If you cannot or will not be flexible in your pricing a competitor will make the deal and you will have a potential demo model on the floor.