Get a Quote on a Brand New Car in South Africa and let New Car Quotes search for the best Price.


Frequently Asked Questions about New Car Quotes

New Car Quotes is an innovative service where dealers compete with each other being able to give you a quote. You need a car and we will ask the dealer offering you the best price to provide you with one.
There a re no costs involved for you and the quote you will receive is free and comes with no obligations.
The vehicle price is based on the Recommended Retail Price of the manufacturer for the base model including VAT and CO2 Tax. It excludes any delivery and on-the-road costs. This price is an indication only as there might be extras you want to add to your vehicle (such as special rims, metallic colour, etc.) which will be extra.
This can happen if we don't have a dealership in a specific region yet. Nevermind, just pick another one. New vehicles can be delivered anywhere in the country for a nominal fee and it might still be a better deal for you than purchasing from the dealership down the road. Make an enquiry, you have nothing to loose.
You can discuss this with the dealership providing you with a quote.
Most dealerships can arrange for trade-ins even if you are not living close to the dealership.
You can arrange delivery of the vehicle anywhere in the country. This is not a uncommon in the motor industry.
The dealership providing you with a quote will be able to arrange finance for you. All dealerships affiliated to New Car Quotes are licensed Financial Service Providers and can assist you with financing the vehcicle or structuring a finance deal.
This depends on your personal circumstances. Sometimes manufacurers have special deals on certain models and other times you will need to finance the deal through a normal bank. It also depends if you have a leasing deal, a residual or a straight forward installment. Speak to the dealership our your finanical institution about your options.
The dealership can organise finance with you. All dealerships affiliated with New Car Quotes are licensed Financial Service Providers.